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Graphic LCDs / NHD-C12864B2Z-RN-FBW on Arduino Zero
« on: February 19, 2018, 06:51:46 PM »
About three years ago, someone posted about doing some prototyping with the Arduino Uno with the NHD-C12864B2Z-RN-FBW or something that uses the same controller. One of the NHD engineers (I believe) posted some working code for the Arduino Mega:,8.msg9.html#msg9

I noticed that the Mega has ports with eight pins, whereas the Arduino Zero does not. Does anyone have some working code for prototyping with the NHD-C12864B2Z-RN-FBW on an Arduino Zero? I am basically wondering how to configure the data pins and do something similar to that described in the post mentioned above. Any help is always greatly appreciated.

Evaluation Tools / Re: Image Offset on NHD-C12864GG-RN-GBW with Dev Board
« on: February 05, 2018, 06:15:57 PM »
Here is an image of the problem.

Evaluation Tools / Image Offset on NHD-C12864GG-RN-GBW with Dev Board
« on: February 05, 2018, 06:13:15 PM »
I am running into some unexpected behavior and the documentation is pretty thin. Here is a picture showing what I see when I select my LCD (NHD-C12864GG-RN-GBW). You guys did the wiring as well, so I am not sure why the image is basically offset by 50%. What format is required for the BMP ... I am getting some unexpected behavior, even when I save them as monochrome BMPs in Windows format.

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