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The images that I try to display were an original BMP data from download page of Newhaven display, also a same symptom on every image data as “2_4_240320CF_N.bmp” (where N=0,1,2,3,4) .
The wiring cable between NHD-2.4-240320CF and NHDev board that I made according to the wiring sample page of NHD,  IMO signal was wired to GND which means the interface between them was 16 bits bus mode. However when transferring a BMP image to the display, only data[7:0] were appeared on the oscilloscope but data[8:15] were not.
I did try to check a behavior if IMO signal directry conneced but  The NHdev board was gone by 3.3V line short circuit.
Unfortunately, I could not be able to upload actual display images due to board trouble.
Could you please let me I know that the corect wiring of IMO signal.

Dear Sirs,
When try to display a sample BMP image (for example: 2_4_240320CF_0.bmp), an image data is written twice in vetical(320) direction (like only even address of memory) and an upper half of an image is displayed like a missing teeth in Y direction.
Could anyone let me know what is going on and how to fix it.

Firmware verion of NHDev Development Board: 2.10
Sample BMP images are downloaded from NH Display.

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