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OLEDs / 0420CW-AB3 I2C Talking, Display is off and low current drawn
« on: February 09, 2015, 12:35:58 PM »
I am currently working with the 0420CW-AB3 OLED using the I2C protocol. I was able to scan the I2C bus and locate the address for my screen and I am receiving ACK responses to my addressing and commands. Unfortunately my display remains turned off regardless of which commands I send.

As of right now the VDD line is only drawing 0.756 mA from my power source. I believe this is the current being used to run the chip talking on I2C. Does this mean my screen was damaged during my initial wiring/testing? There was one occasion where I tried to switch to 5V operating mode and put 5V on the VDD line by mistake instead of the REGVDD line (Actual voltage was 4.8V). This was only briefly, but could it have damaged the display?

Are there any test pins on the board I can use to check the voltage and current to the display?

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