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OLEDs / NHD-0216CW-AY3 8-bit Parallel 8080, Text on Display Issue
« on: March 04, 2015, 04:55:54 PM »

For the 8080 Series running 3.3V, does the Enable(/RD) Pin need to be toggled high -> low? Right now I have it tied to ground, but whenever I update my code, the text starts printing from right to left and the text is mirrored. But when I reset the power, the text prints correctly. However, the first 4 text doesn't appear i.e. instead of "TESTSTRNG" it'll print "STRNG" (I'm assuming it is a timing issue). Currently, I am trying to get the display to show all blocks, but my display is showing "alpha" (ROM C) and only displaying it on the top row. I'm using the sample init code provided in the datasheet.

/CS,/REGVDD are tied to ground.
edit: /E(/RD) tied high

Thank you

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