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OLEDs / Continuation Bit SSD1305
« on: April 05, 2015, 10:14:17 PM »
What is the continuation bit used for?
From the SSD1305 manual it seems like only 2 control bytes can be used.
1. for commands 0x80h
2. for data going to GDDRAM 0x40h

I2C - bus write protocol is shown on page 22.
How can you read back the value of a register to make sure you have set is properly?
I did not see a read from Device Protocol at all in the manual so that a specific register can be read from.

OLEDs / NHD‐2.23‐12832UCB3 I2C WontTurn ON
« on: April 05, 2015, 05:33:02 AM »
HW Config:
SA0 is permanently pulled low.
/Res is permanently pulled HIGH. Not sure if this pin needs to be delayed for module to work.
All rest of connections were made properly.

I send the commands as in the attachment and wanted to make sure that device is being initialized properly.

void DISP_WrCmds (UINT8 DispAdr, unsigned char Ctrl1, unsigned char Reg, unsigned char Ctrl2, unsigned char Val);
[7bit device ID+Wr BIT] then [control Bit of 0x00] then [Register 0xFD] then [0x40] then [0x12] for UNLOCKING
....send other init sequences eg Set Display clock, Set Mux Ratio, Set Display Offset, Set Start line
[7bit device ID+Wr BIT] then [control Bit of 0x00] then [Register 0xAF] for TURN ON device.

see attachments for clarity.

Does this look correct especially the control bits for command and data.
If all looks okay, Any suggestions why display is not coming ON.

[attachment deleted by admin]

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