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I've purchased a C0220BiZ display. I am connecting it to an mbed BLENano (Nordic chipset).  This device doesn't have many pins (It does have bluetooth which I plan to use to read terminal output soon).

Currently I have the following layout:

pin 1 (RST) : NC
pin 2 (SCL) : pin 9 of mbed
pin 3 (SDA) : pin 10 of mbed
pin 4 (VSS): Ground of mbed
pin 5 (VDD): VDD of mbed (3V3)
pin 6 (VOUT): 1uF 46(?)V electrolytic capacitor connected to VSS
pin 7 (C1+): 1 uF 46V electrolytic capacitor
pin 8 (C1-): 1 uF 46V electrolytic capacitor

On the spec sheet, which I admit I do not fully grasp, It looks like K-R/G/B and A go to ground. Also, VDD goes to ground?

I am not sure at all how to wire K-R/G/B and A. I've got a digitalPin off the mbed going through a 300 Ohm resistor to provide roughly 10mA? I'm unclear of what I'm doing at this point.

I'm going to double check I have SCL and SDA correctly orientated.

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