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Character LCDs / NHD-0108CZ-FSW-GBW-33V3 contrast voltage
« on: January 28, 2016, 03:48:12 PM »
I'm trying to design a temperature compensation circuit for the 3.3V NHD-0108CZ-FSW-GBW-33V3 module to be used in a commercial product. This is a 'wide' temperature range module, so I presume I have to generate a negative VEE voltage and use your app note using an NTC resistor and PNP transistor in order to temperature compensate across the full range (-20 to +70 deg C).

What would be a good VEE voltage to use for this? Do you have any recommended compensation circuits for this 3.3V module? Your application notes all appear to be for 5V modules, and this module has a VO pin instead of VL, so I'm unsure exactly how to proceed.


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