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OLEDs / NHD-3.12-25664UCB2-ND dim display with banding?
« on: April 25, 2016, 04:33:17 AM »
I have a NHD-3.12-25664UCB2-ND which I am trying to use via 4wireSPI with an Arduino.

I have set the system up using the "checkerboard example" ( and settings taken from your NHD-3.12-25664UCY2 flickering post  / datasheet p12 (,875.msg1707.html#msg1707).

When I run the code the communications seem fine - at least the screen turns on/off with the commands as expected.
The problem seems to be when writing pixels to the screen. Initially it seems fine the first rows of pixels appear brightly. However, they then quickly dim and by the time the it is on around the 20th row it fades away and the screen is almost black. There is also a lot of horizontal banding with the display dimming as you do down (see image). I thought it could be a problem with the PSU, so am now using a 3.3V 2Amp to ensure it is powerful enough.

Do you have any idea what is wrong - or can you point me to other working Arduino projects.

Many thanks

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