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Hi everyone,

Could anyone confirm me that the driver/controllers ST706UU and HD44780 are compatible?

Best regards.

Character LCDs / LED+ and VDD pins from different LCD character models.
« on: September 02, 2016, 03:07:04 AM »

I'm working on a new project and I would like to choose one of them, but I've got some doubts about the power supply in the pins Vdd and LED+.

On one hand, the model NHD-0216K1Z-NSB-FBW-L is good for my project, but I've found this one with flat flexible cable NHD-02161Z-FSY-YBW-C which fits better, but I can't understand something about the datasheet.

The specifications of the model NHD-0216K1Z-NSB-FBW-L are:  VDD=LED+=+5.0V

But the specification fo the model with flat flexible cable NHD-02161Z-FSY-YBW-C are: VDD=+5.0V and LED+=+4.0V So I'm going to need another buck to generate +4.0V.

I think this is a bit strange. Could anyone confirm that this is right?

Best regards.

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