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Looking for some advice / direction from someone who really knows video!

I am working with a Icom 756-Pro amateur transceiver that uses a 5" color TFT display ( Toshiba part # TFD50W40-A ) . I think it may be analog / RGB composite but can find no data sheet on it as it is around 15 years old.

I need to remove this display and  install a larger 10.4" display in it's place.  The Icom service manual ( )  on page 10.1 lower right side of the schematic shows the display driver ( IC1401 - M52338FP ) and the connections to the display.

While I am very good with electronics I know nothing about video and am hoping someone can tell me what kind of format this is, converter needed, what type of display to use, etc.....

Thanks in advance for any opinions!


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