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OLEDs / Re: Problem initialising NHD-0420DZW
« on: August 29, 2014, 09:33:51 PM »

I tested your code on my arduino pro mini (16mhz clk).

In the void(disp) function, I added a digital write HIGH to the led pin just before the fourth line 20 char routine and a LOW just after:

       command(0xD4);  //Fourth Line  [Set DDRAM address to Line 4 position 1]
       digitalWrite(LED, HIGH); // turn on LED
       for ( i= 0 ; i <20 ;i ++)
       digitalWrite(LED, LOW); // turn off LED

The LED is on for ~ 525 microseconds while writing the 20 characters ( ~ 26.25 microseconds per character)

This is much shorter than 600 microseconds.

I suspect that the data sheet specification should read 600 nanoseconds (600ns) max execution time.

That would be why Paul's Assembly language code works since it would be much faster than this code.

Next, I will try an assembly language routine.

Thank you.

Peter Macdonald

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