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Evaluation Tools / Re: Re-programming the Firmware on the Eval board
« on: August 01, 2018, 05:21:37 PM »
I managed to do it using ST micro eval board with integrated ST-link. My board Nucleo-F411R, with STM32 ST-Link utility software and USB driver running on my PC. I used jumper wires between NHD-eval Board JTAG header and CN4 connector on STlink of the F411R board. Must remove Jumpers on CN2 of the Nucleo-F411R board to freeup the JTAG port on the STlink portion of the board.
The pin connection are as follows:
NHD-eval Jtag connector Pin 5(TDI) to CN4-6
NHD-eval Jtag connector Pin 7(TMS)to CN4-4
NHD-eval Jtag connector Pin 9(TCK)to CN4-2
NHD-eval Jtag connector Pin 4(GND)to CN4-3
Load NHD latest hex file with the ST-link utility software click on target connect and follow with target program as soon as you let go of the reset button on the NHD eval board.

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