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Thanks much Paul,

I'll order up a few straight away.

best regards,


Hi Paul,
I re-read the specs on the LCD I'm using and found that it was transflective grey on blue.  NHD-0216K1Z-FSB-GBW-L.

My thought was that some other color combination might be more effective.  It isn't a display that will be stared at, but should communicate in a quick glance, one line of device status data which won't change if there isn't a problem  and a line of running data which updates on 3 second intervals, more to show the thing is working, than to be absorbed by the viewer.

I suppose I should mention that i owned a Toshiba laptop, 286 i think it was, and it really did fill the lap.  It had black letters on an orange background and was actually very unpleasant to use. made me feel like an albino rabbit.

so the question is what other color combination might produce better contrast?



I inadvertently bought grey on blue 2x16 LCD's for a recent project, and although they are very nice, they aren't the best for the daylight outdoors application.  What should I have bought?  This is an industrial use, so there is no aesthetic issue.

Power consumption is important, too.  Must run on very difficult to change 9 volt on board battery - bucked down to 5 volt for system power.

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