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OLEDs / SPI Communication Start Byte
« on: July 28, 2015, 04:37:37 PM »

I am working with New Haven's NHD-0220CW-AG3 display and looking for clarification with regard to the "start byte". In order to help keep this post generalizable/helpful to as many people as possible, this should be directly applicable to any of New Haven's OLED's that use the US2066 driver. The data sheet says that:

To transfer several bytes continuously without changing D/C bit and R/W bit, start byte transfer is needed only at first starting time. Namely, after first start byte is transferred, real data can be transferred succeeding.

What I understand from that is that after the initial 3-byte long package establishing command or data mode (one start byte followed by two command/data bytes), that you can just send 2-byte long packages provided that you stick with the same mode of transmission (without the start byte). I am wondering, however, if it would also be valid to keep sending 3-byte long packages even when not switching from command to data (or vice-versa).

For example if I wanted to 'clear the display' and then 'return home' are both of these transmissions valid ways of instructing the screen to do that:

[0xF8][0x80][0x00]  [0xC0][0x00]
[0xF8][0x80][0x00]  [0xF8][0xC0][0x00]

Thank you in advance

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