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TFTs / ILI9341 Command Delay
« on: November 17, 2014, 04:36:38 PM »
In the example code, unlike the datasheet, there is a TFT_Delay(10) after the command. I've found that my display does not operate correctly unless I have a delay. However, a response in this thread seems to indicate that the command delay is not necessary. If the a delay after a command is not necessary, what might be causing this issue? To be specific, when I omit the delay, the LCD skips some of the pixels that are subsequently sent and the pixels that are omitted are random. I'm running the application on a 48 MHz Coretex-M0.

My application requires displaying a grid, so I'm constantly changing the window with the page and row set commands. The delay required to send those commands is large enough that I'm only getting 1-2 FPS. I get about 10 FPS drawing to the whole screen without sending window size commands.


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