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I think I misunderstood something when reading about 'reads' and using a dummy write in between.
I didn't realize all 6 bytes were read.

Thanks very much!

Any luck looking into it?


Ok thanks so much!
Yes it seems that that is exactly what's happening, that I have 2x the writes, but I couldn't find a reason why. I thought I made a mistake with the pixel format but I did think it's correct to write 3x for RGB for each pixel, so 24 bits total.
Let me know if you find anything, I'm at a loss :(


I've looked through the posts but can't find anyone having a similar issue :(
I've been working with this LCD a while now but have finally realized why I can't display my data correctly to screen. Even though the resolution is set to 480x800, the screen is printing data as if it is 240x400.
I took the example code from the HX6389 controller datasheet (the controller attached to the LCD) which is the same as the example code for the 4.3 480x800 found on the App. Note page:
I've double checked all the parameters in the datasheet to ensure resolution is being set correctly - and it is. The 2nd parameter following the display command 0xB2 is 0x20, which would make RES_SEL[2:0] = 010 setting the resolution to 480x800.
I also tried running the coloring screen function, which correctly changes the entire screen from red to green to blue, but it does this for 800x400 writes AND!! 400x240 writes! You can see in the example code they've used 800x240 - I thought that that was a typo but apparently not.

Can anyone explain why this is happening? Or how I can get 480x800 pixels worth of data to show as 480x800?
Or maybe there's some fundamental bit of knowledge I'm completely unaware of :(


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