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I have an odd behavior, which I can find no mention to in the manual
Although during initialization I set the entry mode to 06 (auto-increment, no display shift) what I get is that the ram indeed auto increments, but for some reason, instead of shifting the cursor to the right it is shifted to the left.
for example, i try to print ABCD
if I set the ram address as required to the beginning of the row I get only the A printed
If I set the ram address to somewhere in the middle of the row what I get is DCBA with the cursor blinking to the left of the D.

This type of behavior is not mentioned at all in the manual - according to the manual if set to auto-increment the cursor moves to the right and if set to auto-decrement it moves to the left, but no where is mentioned the combination as I observe

What am I missing? Is there another command during initialization that may cause it (I followed the initialization sequence as in the manual and I work in 8 bits mode)

OLEDs / NHD-0420DZW-AY5 Problem initializing
« on: May 02, 2018, 05:04:33 AM »
Although this topic appears in previous posts, which I looked into, I still cannot initialize my display.
I am working in 8 bits mode with a PIC.

I followed the initialization sequence as it appears in page 18 of the manual (rev 11).

One piece of information that is missing is in what mode does the display wake up, 4 or 8 bits?
Is it possible that it wakes up in 4 bits mode and that the first command in the initialization (function set) has to be sent in 4 bits mode and only after it is sent switch to 8 bits mode and send the rest of the initialization commands in 8 bits mode?

Is there a sample code for 8 bits for this display? The only code I saw is one that has a "wakeup" command 3 time at the beginning, which is not what the specs for this display say.

Just for reference:
I am waiting 50mS after power up to begin the sequence
I am strobing the E signal as a 1mS pulse
I wait at least 5mS between commands

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