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TFTs / NHD-7.0-800480WF-CTXI# initial problem
« on: December 02, 2014, 06:22:04 AM »

First, I'm not good at English. Please read carefully

I'm using NHD-7.0-800480WF-CTXI# now. My LCD works very well.
But, I don't understand why my LCD works well.

Bellow is my code

void TFTLCD_init()
   TFT_7_Write_Command(0x00e2);       //set multiplier and divider of PLL

   TFT_7_Command_Write(0x00e0,0x0001);    //START PLL
   TFT_7_Command_Write(0x00e0,0x0003);    //LOCK PLL

   TFT_7_Write_Command(0x00b0);      //SET LCD MODE   SET TFT 18Bits MODE
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0008);         //SET TFT MODE & hsync+Vsync+DEN MODE
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0080);   //0x00      //SET TFT MODE & hsync+Vsync+DEN MODE
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0003);         //SET horizontal size=800-1 HightByte
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x001f);         //SET horizontal size=800-1 LowByte
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0001);         //SET vertical size=480-1 HightByte
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x00df);         //SET vertical size=480-1 LowByte
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0000);         //SET even/odd line RGB seq.=RGB

   TFT_7_Command_Write(0x00f0,0x0000);   //SET pixel data I/F format=8bit
   TFT_7_Command_Write(0x0036,0x000B);   //SET address mode=flip vertical, BGR   00001011

   TFT_7_Write_Command(0x00e6);      //SET PCLK freq=33.26MHz

   TFT_7_Write_Command(0x00b4);      //SET HBP,
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0004);      //20   //SET HSYNC Total=8367
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0020);       //af//0x00ef
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0000);         //SET HBP 163
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0080);         //SET VBP 8=7+1
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0000);         //SET Hsync pulse start position
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0000);         //SET Hsync pulse subpixel start position

   TFT_7_Write_Command(0x00b6);       //SET VBP,
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0002);         //SET Vsync total = 496
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0000);         //SET VBP=4
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0001);         //SET Vsync pulse 2=1+1
   TFT_7_Write_Data(0x0000);         //SET Vsync pulse start position
   TFT_7_Write_Command(0x0013);      //SET display on
   TFT_7_Write_Command(0x0038);      //SET display on


1. CLK
I found 10Mhz oscilator at NHD-7.0-800480WF-20 Board.
So I think System CLK is 100Mhz   // 10Mhz * 30/3 = 100Mhz   TFT_7_Write_Command(0x00e2);
And LSHIFT CLK is 100Mhz //  100Mhz *(0xfffff+1)/2^20  = 100Mhz       TFT_7_Write_Command(0x00e6);

But I know that LCD's typical LSHIFT CLK 33.3Mhz.
What is miss in my code and CLK calculation.

I used TTL MODE, Usig Parameter b7 of command 'B0'
I want to know that a difference between 'TFT MODE' and  'hsync+Vsync+DEN MODE'
I know that how works each 'hsync', 'Vsync' and 'DEN MODE'
What 'TFT MODE' means.

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