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1.69in Serial Color OLED, 160x128 pixels, 262K colors, Serial MPU interface, 2 built-in screen savers, Breadboard Friendly, MicroSD card reader, Built-in logic level shifting for 3.3V and 5V operation

Size: 44.5mm x 58.0mm

Discover NHD-1.69-160128ASC3

Our 1.69” OLEDs combine high contrast and rich colors with efficient power usage. With a pixel resolution of 160x128, this self-illuminating display effortlessly presents bright, colorful graphics on a rich black background. You can expect top speed response times and high contrast images from any angle. This module is breadboard friendly, includes a built-in MicroSD reader and logic level shifting. This is the ideal development OLED for quick and easy prototyping.

Our color OLED displays come with a built-in SSD1351 controller. Their convenient pin-out format makes it easy to connect to a breadboard or your preferred development platform. Get working faster than ever with OLED’s accessible design and state of the art technology.

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Request an evaluation kit to see a display powered on and in action before it’s built into your project. Just provide us with the NHD part number you’d like to evaluate and what controller you would ideally like to drive it, and we’ll put together a live example of your desired display.

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