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Product Specifications


  • — Sunlight Readable TFT
  • — 5-point Multi-touch Capacitive Touch Panel
  • — On-board FTDI FT813 Embedded Video Engine (EVE2)
  • — Supports Display + Touch + Audio
  • — 320 x 240 Pixels
  • — High Brightness White LED Backlight (830 cd/m2)
  • — Configurable LED Driver with PWM
  • — SPI/D-SPI/Q-SPI Interfaces Available
  • — 24-bit True Color
  • — 4 x 3.5mm Mounting Holes
  • — Open-Source Hardware
  • — RoHS

Size Dimensions

  • Outer (W x H): 3.5in Diagonal - 92mm x 63.9mm (O.D.)
  • Active Viewing Area:

Discover NHD-3.5-320240FT-CSXN-CTP

Newhaven Display’s 3.5” EVE2 TFT is powered by an FTDI/Bridgetek graphic engine to bring you built-in graphics operations, embedded widgets, 1MB graphics memory and more. This Human Machine Interface (HMI) display comes fully equipped with capacitive touch integration and a sunlight readable screen for easy use in all lighting conditions. We designed the EVE2 TFTs to work with Serial SPI communication allowing for the use of low-cost MCUs as the system host, making this display both powerful and affordable.

The EVE2 TFT module is built with a feature-rich controller that offers an all in one solution for managing graphics, audio and touch. Portrait and landscape modes are supported, as well as multiple image formats and video playback. The built-in widgets include everything from buttons and sliders to gauges and clocks, making for a complete interactive interface right out of the box. No extra casing is required to mount this TFT either – just use the built-in mounting brackets with any standard M3 screws. Connect this module with the NHD-FT81X-SHIELD Arduino Shield (sold separately) for quick and easy setup with Arduino development boards. The EVE2 TFT module is the leading-edge solution for HMI displays in any application.

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