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Sunlight Readable TFT, Capacitive Touch Panel with I2C Interface, 320 x 240 Pixels, 3.3V LCD, 24-bit Parallel RGB Interface, 12:00 Optimal View, High Brightness White LED Backlight (830 cd/m2), Transmissive, Wide Temperature (-20C to +70C), RoHS
  • Size: 3.5in Diagonal - 76.9mm x 63.9mm (O.D.)

$54.59 / pc.

About NHD-3.5-320240MF-ASXN#-CTP

High visibility, versatile construction and sunlight readability just got even better with an added capacitive touch panel. Our 3.5” TFT display offers a powerful backlight that brings you the highest brightness rating in its class, 320x320 resolution and a wide temperature operating range. This highly visible display can be used in direct sunlight and now comes equipped with a responsive, state-of-the-art capacitive touch panel. This sunlight readable TFT comes with a built-in NV3035C driver and is compatible with any of our NHD-3.5-32040MF controller boards.

Request an Evaluation Kit

Request an evaluation kit to see a display powered on and in action before it’s built into your project. Just provide us with the NHD part number you’d like to evaluate and what controller you would ideally like to drive it, and we’ll put together a live example of your desired display.

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