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Premium TFT Displays are a step up from our standard TN TFTs with brighter backlights and wider viewing angles.

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Product Features

Premium TFT, HDMI interface, Capacitive Touch Panel with USB Interface, 800 x 480 pixels, MVA Viewing Angles (75deg), On-board LED Driver with PWM, White LED Backlight (500 cd/m2), Transmissive, Wide Temperature (-20C to +70C), RoHS

Size: 5.0in Diagonal - 135.8mm x 75.8mm (O.D.)

Discover NHD-5.0-HDMI-N-RTXL-CTU

Our 5.0” HDMI TFT Display Module is capable of supporting any controller with an HDMI output – now with an added capacitive touch panel to enhance user interaction. We’ve made it easier than ever to connect with these displays using any standard HDMI cable, and added four 3.5mm mounting holes for easy integration with your application. You’ll also find an on-board DC power port and Texas Instruments™ ICs for added functionality. This premium TFT offers the highest brightness rating in its class, wide temperature operating ranges and multi-domain vertical alignment (MVA) technology that allows for 75° viewing angles from any direction. The state-of-the-art capacitive touch panel is equipped with a USB interface making it easy to get connected.

Our 5.0” HDMI TFT modules deliver full 24-bit true color with 800x480 resolution. A DC supply voltage runs from 5V-9V and a green LED will illuminate when power is supplied to the display. This module comes equipped with both TI TFP401A HDMI/DVI receiver and TI TPS61165 LED driver (scroll down to see the datasheets for both.) For easy installation on any application, we built in four 3.5mm mounting holes that can be used with standard M3 screws.

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Request an evaluation kit to see a display powered on and in action before it’s built into your project. Just provide us with the NHD part number you’d like to evaluate and what controller you would ideally like to drive it, and we’ll put together a live example of your desired display.

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