NHDev Development Board

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NHDev Development Board

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Product Features

v2.0 - Evaluation tool for demonstrating OLEDs, TFTs, COGs and other LCD modules

Size: 100mm x 95mm

Discover NHDev Development Board

Our custom-built Newhaven Display Development Board makes it easy to see your NHD displays in action and is compatible with most Newhaven Display products. The NHDev Board greatly reduces development time with a simple plug-and-play design, allowing you to view and test multiple displays with ease. Complete your projects and go to market faster than ever with the NHDev Board’s pre-loaded expandable memory full of display outputs, ready for use in every category of Newhaven Display product.

We also built in the option to see what your application will look like on any display you choose. Eliminate the guess work when it comes to finding the perfect display for your next project. With the Newhaven Display Development Board, you’ll be developing faster and smarter than ever.

The Newhaven Display Development Board is based on the STM32F103 Cortex-M3 microcontroller and was built with OLEDs, TFT and LCD displays in mind. It includes an SD Card with pre-loaded images and text files that can be edited, allowing you to test your own images or text on the supported displays.

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Request an Evaluation Kit

Request an evaluation kit to see a display powered on and in action before it’s built into your project. Just provide us with the NHD part number you’d like to evaluate and what controller you would ideally like to drive it, and we’ll put together a live example of your desired display.

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