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United States Tariff Statement - Update


The United States government has announced the increase tariff postponement for goods and materials manufactured in China.

All orders will continue to be subject to the previous lower 10% tariff surcharge (based on the material composition of each product) until further notice.

The latest statement from the Press Secretary can be found on the White House Website.

Information about the tariffs can be found on the US Trade Representative website. Please follow either link to read more.

Please contact your Sales or Customer Service Representative or email to update quotes, place or confirm orders, or provide feedback.


United States Tariff Statement


Recently, the United States announced a series of tariffs on goods and materials that are manufactured in China. Most of the essential components within Newhaven Display's product offerings are included on the lists of goods that will incur new tariffs of 10% to 25%.

The United States Customs authorities will begin to collect these new tariffs on September 24th, 2018. Information about the tariffs can be found on the US Trade Representative website: here. Newhaven Display International is taking steps to mitigate the impact of these new tariffs on our customers; however, compliance necessitates that we pass along some of the increased tariff burden to our customers. To help mitigate the impact of the new tariffs on our customers’ accounting and purchasing processes, we will maintain as many of our current product prices as possible.

See our complete statement regarding the tariff changes here: Newhaven Display - Tariff Statement.

10.1 HDMI TFT Modules


New 10.1" HDMI TFT Modules


HDMI interface displays are now bigger than ever before at Newhaven Display. Our HDMI TFT product line is expanding to include two new 10.1” size modules. These two new products feature our 10.1” TFT paired with our custom PCB designed by ... + see more

Mountable TFT Displays


Introducing Mountable TFT Displays


Newhaven Display is unveiling a new line of Mountable TFT Displays. These 32 new TFTs are paired with a tough steel bracket and can be found in many different sizes. The steel bracket makes mounting these displays both convenient and extra-secure. You'll find Mountable TFT Displays in ... + see more

HDMI TFT Modules


New 5" & 7" HDMI TFT Modules

The product line is made up of three 5-inch TFT modules and nine 7-inch TFT modules. The 5” versions all come with MVA technology (meaning exceptional 75° viewing at all angles) and your choice of capacitive, resistive, or no touch panel. The 7” modules have the same selection of touch screen options, but also allow you to choose between ... + see more

image of EVE2 TFTs


New EVE2 TFT Modules in 3.5", 4.3", 5.0", and 7.0" Sizes

The extremely powerful EVE2 generation of integrated circuits (ICs) are now available with new TFT display modules from Newhaven Display International. Newhaven Display has teamed up with FTDI/Bridgetek to create a high quality full color display product backed by the ... + see more

image of 7 BeagleBone Cape


New 7" BeagleBone Capes

The Newhaven Display 7" BeagleBone Cape product line features three Capes. Each one is mounted to either a Standard, Premium, or Sunlight-Readable 7-inch Newhaven Display TFT and are designed for use with a BeagleBone Black board (created & sold separately by Engineered and assembled in Elgin, IL USA, these new Capes make display prototype developing easy for both current and aspiring BeagleBone users. The simple "plug and play" structure allows you to get right to development – even with Android or ... + see more

image of 4.3 Arduino Shields


New 4.3" Arduino Shields

Effortless touch development is obtained with Newhaven Display's new Arduino Shields customized for their 4.3" capacitive or resistive touch TFT display line. Available in six display variations, these shields are ready to mate with some of Arduino's most commonly used development boards. Newhaven Display's 4.3" Arduino Shields are designed to ... + see more

image of Modular OLEDs


New 2x16 Modular OLEDs

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays are an easy fit for any application with Newhaven Display's new 2x16 Modular OLED product line. Choose between three electrical interfaces and five connector options for these character OLED displays. The modulated characteristics were designed with ... + see more

image of Color OLED Arduino Shields


New Color OLED Arduino Shields

Eliminate long color OLED development time with our new Color OLED Arduino Shields. Available in three sizes, these shields come ready to mate with some of Arduino's most commonly used development boards. In addition to these Color OLED Arduino Shields, ... + see more

image of Character OLED Glass


New Character OLED Glass


For the first time, Newhaven Display now offers an OLED Glass option for purchase. Available in a 2x16 character format similar to the NHD-C0216CZ and NHD-C12832A1Z COG families, this new OLED Glass display stands out with its vivid blue color and high contrast ... + see more

image of New Slim OLEDs


New Slim Character OLEDs


Newhaven Display International, Inc. announces today the first line of slim character OLEDs. These new OLEDs bring to Newhaven Display's vast product line a more affordable OLED option that is half the thickness and twice the contrast. Available in 2x16, 2x20 and 4x20 character formats, the new slim OLEDs add additional color options to the OLED display line. Red, green, blue, and ... + see more

image of New Color OLEDs


New Full Color OLED Displays


Newhaven Display International Inc.'s full color OLEDs are available in sizes 1.27", 1.5", and 1.69". Featuring 262K colors, these passive matrix displays have a sharper and crisper viewing quality when compared to LCDs because of their rich black levels and 2000:1 contrast ratio. These displays also have ... + see more

image of New 7.0 Capacitive TFTs


New 7.0" TFT Displays with Capacitive Touch


Newhaven Display now offers capacitive touch to the 7.0" TFT display line. This new capacitive touch is available on both the economical and MVA 7.0" TFTs. With the distinct features of a TFT, along with the additional benefits of integrating capacitive touch, these displays ... + see more

image of New 4.3 IPS TFTs


New 4.3" IPS TFT Displays


Newhaven Display International is proud to introduce two new 4.3" IPS (In-Plane Switching) TFT displays to their display line. The new 4.3" IPS TFT technology features extra-wide viewing angles with consistent color reproduction. This is achieved by the horizontal arrangement of the liquid crystals that allows the backlight to easily pass through the liquid crystals without ... + see more

image of New Resistive 5.0 TFT


New 5.0" Resistive TFT Display


Newhaven Display International now offers a resistive touch option for the Premium 5.0" TFT display line. The new 5.0" resistive TFT is the perfect solution for bringing touch interaction to your application. This affordable 5.0" touch solution allows ... + see more

image of New 2.4 TFT


New 2.4" TFT Display


Newhaven Display International is pleased to introduce our new 2.4" TFT to our display line. This new TFT features a resistive touch panel without printed icons, allowing the ... + see more

image of New 7.0 TFTs


New 7.0" TFT Displays


Newhaven Display International, Inc. is proud to introduce two new 7.0" TFTs to their display line: the 7.0" Economical TFT and the 7.0" MVA TFT. The 7.0" Economical TFT and the 7.0" MVA TFT have full RGB color, fast response times, high brightness & contrast, ... + see more

image of New 5.0 Premium TFTs


New Premium 5.0" TFT Displays


Newhaven Display International, Inc. now offers premium versions of their 5.0" TFT displays. The new premium TFTs come either with a capacitive touch panel or without, and feature ... + see more

image of PIC32 adapter board


Now Offering PIC32 Adapter Board


Newhaven Display and Digi-Key have developed a new PIC32 Display Adapter Board, the NHD-3.5-320240MF-PIC Eval Board (DKSB1014B-ND). This display adapter provides the designer with a 3.5" resistive ... + see more

image of MultiFonts


New Multi-Font Displays


Newhaven Display is now offering multi-font Displays that feature a built-in IC that includes over 50 languages and 37 standard font tables and will be added in series to select graphic display types. This Multi-Font IC contains ASCII, Unicode, and ISO8859 tables for flexibility and compatibility. The fonts featured are ... + see more

image of capacitive TFTS


New Capacitive Touch TFT Displays


Newhaven Display is now offering projective mutual capacitive touch TFTs with a built-in touch panel I²C interface controller. This allows for quick time to market while keeping your development costs low. The capacitive touch TFTs will be available in 3.5", 4.3" and 5.0" size TFTs. The capacitive touch panel is ... + see more

image of keypads


Now Offering Custom Keypads


Newhaven Display is now offering their expertise in creating affordable, high quality custom keypads for any industry. Everyday more and more interactive products are being utilized everywhere from PDAs and Industrial Controls, to Automotive and Medical Equipment... + see more

image of Character and Graphic OLEDs


New Character and Graphic OLED Displays


The new OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a brighter, higher contrast display that has faster response times, wider viewing angles and consumes less power than conventional VFD, LED or LCD Displays. OLED displays are self-illuminating and require no backlight for maximum visibility in all environments. This also allows OLEDs to be significantly thinner ... + see more

image of development board


New NHDev Development Board


The NHDev Board is the ideal tool for prototyping and evaluating Newhaven Display's COG, TFT, Character and Graphic LCD Displays. This STM32F based device comes preprogrammed to demonstrate each display with preloaded images ... + see more

image of chip on glass displays


New Multi-Color I2C Interface Displays


Newhaven Display International, Inc. is offering a new lineup of Chip-On-Glass LCD Modules with I2C interface and built-in RED GREEN BLUE backlights. These new displays feature all the benefits of normal COG displays, and added to those is the design simplification of I2C ... + see more

image of serial displays


New LCD Serial Interface Displays


Newhaven Display International, Inc., is offering the industry's first lineup of Character LCD Modules with integrated RS232, I2C and SPI serial interfaces with a broad range of industry standard sizes in 2x16, 2x20 and 4x20 modules. With these new displays, there are no more bulky additional "daughter boards" which results in better usability and cost. Software controlled contrast and ... + see more


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