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Return Authorization Request

At Newhaven Display, we pride ourselves on having quality display products. Quality control is taken seriously and all product inspections performed, adhere to the MIL-1916 standard. Any product arriving at our USA warehouse will undergo inbound quality inspection before being accepted and will additionally go through an outbound inspection before being released to our customers.

Need help diagnosing a warranted return?

We put together a handy reference page to provide practical guidance for our customers on our warranty.

Review the Checklist

Here are a few checklist items to help quickly determine if your request will qualify for a return.

Your request for a return is within 12 months from your shipment date.

The issue is not broken glass as this won't be covered. If insured, file a claim with your freight forwarder.

No modifications were made to our products in any way after they were received, such as soldering.

Submit Your RMA Request

We apologize for any problems with your order and will work with you on a repair or replacement if qualified. Please fill out the following form to submit your request for a return. Your request will go straight to our Quality team for review.

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